Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sky Adventures La Fortuna – the perfect family adventure for everyone!

Is there anything better to enjoy beautiful nature and live an unforgettable family adventure at the same time? Sky Adventures Park Arenal makes this happen!

Sky Adventures Arenal is located very close to the Arenal Volcano National Park, one of the most amazing places to visit while traveling in Costa Rica . The Sky Adventures Park give you the chance to enjoy this impressive and breathtaking Volcano and its beautiful big Arenal Lake while having a great time with your family.

The great thing about this park is that no matter what ages you and your children are, everyone will find his own perfect adventure based on your own needs, expectations and physical limits!

The most-wanted combination is probably the Sky Tram & Trek. Sky Tram is a gondola that brings you up to a platform with special view of the Volcano from where the Sky Trek (Zipline) Tour begins.The Sky Tram is for every age and gives you the chance to learn about different characteristics of the flora and fauna and other interesting facts during the rise up. From the platform you also have the possibility to walk a short trail.

The Sky Trek is more for adventure lovers. It consists of 7 Zip lines of a length up to 760 m and a height up to 200 m. You will sit in a harness and ride down on a zip line track stretching across in between treetops. During your rides you will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Volcano and the beautiful Arenal Lake. This tour is recommendable for everyone who loves adventure and is not afraid of height. Everything is guided professionally by a guide.

Those who love even more adrenaline and are in a very good shape, could try the Sky Limit.
Sky Limit is a high performance circuit that consists of zip lining, repelling, a jungle swing much like bungee jumping. Along with bridge walking and some hiking. This tour is perfect to increase your family team spirit and test your limits. It is recommended to do this tour with an age over 15 years old.

But you cannot only explore the rainforest, you also can do great tours on the Arenal Lake and the river that goes through the forest.

Sky River Drift for example takes you down a river in a tubber ring (tubing) and is combined with a free fall of 40 m where you can decide, if you want to fall totally free or want to fall controlled.
This tour is a perfect combination of adventure and adrenaline, but also enjoying the beautiful river and its surrounding during the tubing tour. Children should be taller than 140 cm to join this tour. For sure, guides are always there to accompany your children during the whole tour.

To enjoy the beautiful Arenal Lake and feel like a superman, you should definitely try the Sky Flyboard. Flying over 10 m above the water, swimming like a dolphin, or compete with your family members on whether who can stay up the longest, riding a Flyboard is a really special experience. A minimum age of 12 is recommended.

Another way to experience the scenic and beautiful Lake Arenal and one of the most family friendly tours is probably the Sky Wild Kayak. The Lake Arenal area offers incredible kayaking opportunities with its ample spaces. On the kayak tour, you will be accompanied by a guide, who will give you proper paddling instructions.

The most relaxing activitiy is the Sky Walk. This is perfect for the whole family. I would recommend to do this tour with a minimum age of 6. The super nice hanging bridges through the flora and fauna of the Arenal area allows a vision of the forest from a different perspective. It starts with a little hike on the ground and then taking you to explore the treetops.

As you can see, the great Sky Adventures Park in Arenal offers family activites for almost every age. We will help you arrange your own perfect combination of those extraordinary activities. Just bring your family and let's go!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Caribbean Paradise

Puerto Viejo in the coast of the caribbean in Costa Rica is green, exhuberant, full of secluded beaches, nature, wildlife....
But if you are looking for the all inclusive resorts on white sanded beaches like Dominican Republic or Aruba you will not be happy. The Caribbean of Costa Rica is a complete different story.

Costa Rica's Caribbean is a exuberant, un-touched, peaceful location where lodges are basic and service is Pura Vida.
But here the whole family can bond due to the lack of technology, entertainment, people... The whole concept of this area is to be with yourself, walk on secluded beaches full of green nature and wildlife.

Here is a very nice video that can show you a glimpse of this unique experience I am talking about.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hacienda Guachipelin a Guanacaste Experience

In Hacienda Guachipelin there are a lot of great opportunities to spend an unforgettable family vacation by combining relaxation and adventure activities.

Hacienda Guachipelin is a nature-connected and ecological property with cozy design located in the middle of Guanacaste right next to the National Park Rincon de la Vieja. Hacienda Guachipelin is surrounded by tons of green areas (during this period of the year) with beautiful plants and flowers that you can enjoy while you are laying in one of the hammocks that you will find in front of your room.



It has a cozy restaurant with a large buffet of typical Costa Rican food and other changing offers, a quite nice bar with a terrace where you can finish off with your day, a relaxing swimming pool and even a playground for your children. All those areas surrounded by the nature of Rincon de la Vieja Guanacaste.



What Hacienda Guachipelin makes so special is that is an actual working ranch. Due to that you will have the chance to milk a cow or do numerous adventures. This makes it is a great place for you and your kids.



A great family adventure is the tubing tour that starts with a horseback riding. Tubing is an activity where you get a rubber tube and ride through a river on your own. The tubing takes a whole hour and varies between faster and slower parts, so that you can enjoy the stunning nature around the river of this national park. Smaller children are accompanied by professional guides the whole time.

 Everything in the surrounding is connected perfectly with Hacienda Guachpelin. The home-owned canopy tour is also very special and different to a lot of others which are known in Costa Rica. You are able to enjoy the beautiful river underneath your feet while you swing from ledge to ledge.



For sure, the National Park Rincon de la Vieja itself with its volcano and special areas where you can see hot water or mudd coming out of the  grounds invite for a relaxing family walk.

As you can see, Hacienda Guachipelin, Rincon de la Vieja National Park and its adventures are a great family location. 
Let us help you arrange a complete itinerary around the country including this type of experiences!