Thursday, December 1, 2016

Last month

Last month was a very busy month for us.

First we participated on the Family Travel Association Summit in Tucson, USA.
                 This was a very interesting experience because we were able to hear and see that there are more of us motivating families to travel and create magical bonding memories.
In Costa Rica we want to inspire families to discover nature, meet people, do things that they have not done before, spend quality time together, expose them to our culture, and empower all!!!!

And then we did the Family Travel Advisor
Forum in Cancun where we taught travel agents that Costa Rica is a great family destination where we have pre-selected suppliers. Because we have seen that there are a lot of companies that say Family Travel. But you check the services and suppliers they are offering and they are giving the same to a Honeymoon, couple, or group. So we did our homework. With a very selective check-list which you have seen on this Blog. We checked hotels. And now we actually
know which ones are ready, which ones would like to be and which ones are not. After this work we thought about clients and realized that we could classify most of the families that come to Costa Rica in four, so we created special packages for them. This packages can be selected alone, combined or we can create unique tailor made family itineraries.
1/  Peace Seekers
2/ Social
3/ Nature Explorers
4/ Adventurous
All of them have special features which you can see on our 2016-2017 Catalog.

Let us show you how Costa Rica can be memorable and magical with outstanding service where parents can enjoy themselves, kids don't want to leave and the family bond more each day!

This blog, our facebook, web page, youtube and GAME are all innovative and useful tools we have for all of you.