Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Take your Vacation in Costa Rica

First I want to share with you a short summary of why Costa Rica is a kid-friendly country.
  • Located in Central America with great and many flight connections.
  • The country has been declared one of the happiest countries in the world.
  • And not only that, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world which can be discovered on very short distances due to the small size of the country.

Now, if we think on the true daily life. Families are very busy, days are shorter, families live with a lot of pressures and so connections are weaker. This is a very sad daily story of many people around the world; that is why we encourage families to take their vacations and make them the best experience ever. Each vacation, of every year should be sacred.

And what can we do to help families decide. Well, we can tell you why Costa Rica is the best kid-friendly destination:

1. In Costa Rica you will explore, learn, try new things, come to know
every thing about conservation and strengthen the connection with wildlife and nature.

2. Spark the curiosity by trying new costarican foods

3. You will be expose to new cultures and perspectives by being part of local traditions like the “cimarrona and mascarada”

4. Learn New Life Skills for example how to saddle, climb, ride a horse like the local costarican “Sabaneros” do.

5. Enhance the kids’ education during the whole visit with a private guide/driver/host/captain service

6. Promote Self-Discovery by leaving technology behind. When they have nothing more than nature their imagination start exploring. And don't forget the pictures. Let them take their own. Its a way your children see the world.

7. Meet new people is an important factor of the trip. It can be other travelers or locals. Just by the fact that you are in Costa Rica the family will be part of this human connection.

8. Unique worry-free safe destination. A country that has been stable and peaceful since 1948 with great health-care, education and No Army.

9. With the wide range of activities, ecosystems, experiences the whole family can encounter in Costa Rica Tons of Fun.

10. Kick back and Relax. The outstanding views, smells, sounds, textures, service and quality around the country will make it a multi-sensory experience. Just let it flow and be part of the “PURA VIDA” way of life.

This are 10 reasons why if you have a long weekend, a week, or more time to connect, bond and be with the family Costa Rica is the best fit for your upcoming Family Adventure.