Monday, June 13, 2016

El Establo Mountain Hotel

Experience the adventures of Costa Rica's Cloud Forest

This exrtaordinary 4 star accomodation  is located in the middle of Costa Rica's beautiful and mystical Cloud Forest in Monteverde. Due to its great location you and your family can enjoy a perfect stay between exploring nature and participating adventure activities that bring you closer to this amazing evergreen region.  

The large property is placed up on a hill in the middle of Monteverde's dense and green flora and fauna. Every room offers a perfect view of the valley where the village Santa Elena is located. In Santa Elena, you will find everything you need from grocery stores, souvenir shops to very cozy restaurants. Everything is reachable by foot. 

Due to the fact that it is a family owned hotel, the charming staff understand what is important for families and will let you feel very comfortable. The hotel offers heated indoor pools, spa, restaurants, cafe-bars, tennis court, basketball court and mini soccer court. As you can see, here are no limits for family activities.

Two highlights of the property are also the hiking trails through the cloud forest and the house-owned canopy ziplines. During an exciting night walk you will able to see and learn about various kinds of insects, frogs, birds and different plants of the Cloud Forest.

To experience a more adventurous activity, the canopy tour will let you and your family have a lot of fun. The amazing view of the treetops under your feet while you are ziplining in about 70 m height is incredible.

But the property itself is not only the great spot. There are a lot of other family-friendly tours offered in the close surroundings. A few examples are sky trek, sky tram, cultural historical walk, horseback riding, coffee tours, orchid gardens and animal watching tours.

Let IL VIAGGIO TRAVEL arrange your perfect family experience at Costa Rica's cloud forest!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A worry-free destination

Costa Rica a unique worry-free destination

Our beautiful democratic country has been stable and peaceful since 1948. Since then, the money which had been allocated to the military (like many other countries in the world still do) was moved to improve education, health and the conservation of natural resources. In Costa Rica health and education is free and mandatory for everyone. Which means we are a very healthy country with very educated citizens. This amazing factors makes us an ideal family destination.

There are various reasons why we say Costa Rica is Unique
Let me give you three examples:

1/ Costa Rica is a small territory which encompasses only 0.03% of the planets surface but is one of the top 20 richest countries in biodiversity.
At IL VIAGGIO TRAVEL we believe that this amazing fact will enrich the whole family by learning, exploring and taking part on a sustainable responsible way. For example by visiting the turtle nesting, whale and dolphin watching, viewing the scarlet macaw in its natural environment... and much more.

2/ Rich Culture
Our travelers can be part of the traditions by visiting and doing workshops for example at the oxcart factory (national symbol) or at the house of a local artisan of the famous "mascaradas" or by being part of our indigenous legacy.
And if you visit during a certain festivity we will take you there.

3/ 25% of the territory is National Parks
Costa Rica has been a world leader in conservation policies where a wide variety of ecosystems like volcanoes, rainforests, cloud forest, wetlands and marine areas are protected. 
To support this outstanding effort we recommend you visit them. And an important factor is that the distance between one to the other can be as short as a 2hour drive. Let our experts show you the best way your family can interact and be part of this unique experience.

Based on this and many other reasons why Costa Rica is the best Family Destination at IL VIAGGIO TRAVEL we have designed specialized organized tours. This programs can be bought as organized trips or as examples to create your own journeys with the help of our experts.

With us you will be able to explore all the wonders of one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Unique exclusive beachfront private residence

For every visit where I check products and services I have a special check list (look below at the post about this topic)  that helps me identify the family friendly properties. When a property has almost all of the required fields its a WOW Product. And I want all of you to know that I have found one that I truly love. Its name is The Palms Private Residence Club.

This property has location, location. Its a two or three bedroom residence steps away from the white sanded beach of Flamingo (on the
uncrowded area of Flamingo).

The luxury oceanfront villas are a private sanctuary with full indoor and outdoor amenities.
Some outdoor services:
  • Infinity Pool with kid friendly area
  • Pool towel service
  • Snorkeling Gear
  • Surf Boards
  • Beach Volley Ball
  • Sea Kayaks
  • Paddle Boards
  • Pool Side Bar
  • Fitness Center
  • Wi Fi
  • Reserve Fresh Water Tanks
  • Back up electric generators
  • 24hr on site property manager, beach security, concierge, and gate operator
  • BBQ area
  • Umbrellas and comfy chaises at the beach
I have just mentioned a few of the outstanding services available on site. But I do have to mention the inside of the Villa as well because it
has everything a Family needs:
  • fully equipped kitchen with top-of-the-line Sub-Zero and Viking appliances
  • Big spacious main room with private bathroom
  • second and third rooms for children with entertaining mezzanine and private bathroom
  • terrace and balcony
  • ultra-plush bedding
  • inviting seating areas for family to gather together inside or out
And if that is not enough. We can give you a special dinner on the comfort of your villa or at the marvelous outdoors with a sunset as your background. This amazing dinner is prepared by a private chef and with local fresh ingredients. Or if your kids like the experience of a bonfire under the stars, we can make it happen at The Palms.

The property itself is not only the amazing spot. Its the location. From the property you can experience tons of Family Friendly tours like:
  • Snorkel and Sunset Catamaran
  • Horseback Riding
  • Canopy
  • Pottery Making Tour
  • Surf, Yoga or Karate  Lessons
  • Jungle Boat Tours
  • Beach Hopping

As you can see this is a comfortable, convenient and fun place to stay!

Where kids explore Costa Rica wilderness

This beautiful 4 Star Hotel is located near the town of Uvita and the ‘Marino Ballena’ National Park on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Up on a hill between the Pacific Ocean and the rainforest-covered mountains you and your children (from toddler up) can experience a great time. You will enjoy a perfect stay between relaxation, adventure and wildlife. 

Due to its perfect location, the view from Cristal Ballena is priceless. Whether from your hotel  room, the pool or the cozy gourmet dining restaurant, you will always enjoy the great view of the Pacific Ocean. Cristal Ballena with its Mediterranean atmosphere and breathtaking sunsets will let you feel like home.

The cozy rooms of Cristal Ballena with its nice balconies and luxury furniture are spacious and offer space for up to 5 people in one room. You even get the chance to take your whole family and stay in two rooms, that are able to connect for up to 10 people. As you can see, there are no limits for a perfect family stay.

Cristal Ballena also offers great green areas with a on-site trails where bird watching tours are offered, a large pool with beach toys for children, a tropical garden and a shuttle service to the beach of Playa Ballena, which is very close. Furthermore there are a lot of adventurous activities located in the surroundings which you can participate during your stay at the Pacific Ocean. 

The south-pacific region is full of exciting nature and adventure tours: snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, surfing, whale-watching (during season), hiking, horseback riding and boat tours are only some of the many activities available for you to enjoy during your stay at Hotel Cristal Ballena.

Book your visit with IL VIAGGIO TRAVELwe are Family designing trips for Families!!!