Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rio Perlas Spa, Resort

Last week we visited Rio Perlas Spa Resort, this is an amazing non touristy location. 

We recommend the following  
3 days / 2 nights Family Trip. 

Its the perfect combination of history, culture, relax, amusement and nature.

DAY #1
irazu volcano
Early morning transfer or drive to Irazu Volcano National Park. On the way you will enjoy gorgeous views of farms dedicated to agriculture.
Stop on the way at a local Soda for breakfast 
basilica in cartagoIrazu Volcano is still active, the last eruption was in 1963. The eruption decimated crops in the area but left the soil enriched for decades to come. The Irazu Volcano is the tallest volcano of Costa Rica 11,260ft.
After visiting this amazing natural beauty con continue to Cartago, the first capital city of Costa Rica. Visit La Basilica de Los Angeles, home of "la negrita" the countries saint patron.
Next stop the Hotel.

hotel rio perlas
family time At Rio Perlas you will have access the following services for families:
  • big rooms with 2 double beds and if you need more space there are connecting rooms
  • the master suite is perfect because it has 2 rooms, living room and a share bathroom
  • kids and adults love the hot spring pool
  • there is a small playground near the kids pool (right now it has cold water but they will change it to hot water soon.)

DAY #2
Breakfast included at the hotel
Pack a snack for your visit to Tapanti National Park which consists of 18 square miles of unspoiled cloud forest. It has several hiking trails, a few swimming holes, several picnic areas and an abundance of wildlife.
orosiAfter the walk head to Orosi Valley. Have lunch at local soda and then visit the historic church and the old monastery which is now a museum. Then head back to the hotel to enjoy the hot springs or a spa treatment. ujarras

Breakfast included at the hotel. Morning to rest at the hotel and delight yourself with the hotel's services.
Right before lunch transfer to Cachi a man-made lake created by the damming of Reventazon river. This area is well known due its beautiful lake and the rich nature that surrounds it.  We will then head to the famous Casona del Cafetal where a Costa Rican lunch, marvellous views and a coffee tour awaits.
After the hacienda experience continue to Ujarras. A lovely park with playgrounds, flowers, grounds to run and play and the unique ruins of Ujarras Church. The oldest church in Costa Rica which was built in 1580 during early colonial times. 

 Now is time to decide. You can head back to San Jose or head to another destination like:

  • Turrialba
  • San Gerardo de Dota
 Coming soon Trogon Lodge in San Gerardo de Dota.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How we recommend

Today I want to give you the standards we will use to categorize the services.

First I have created our Family Friendly logo. This symbol will be given to those suppliers, hotels, tours, destinations, restaurants... who have been verified to be part of this process. It also represents that they can be part of the power of family traveling together in Costa Rica.

Secondly we will use 4 images that represent the different stages of a growing child. This way when we recommend a property you will know if its a good location for your family.

Baby : 0 to 18 months
Toddler : 19 months to 4 years old
Kid : 5 years to 11 years old
Teenager : 12 to 18 years old

When the property is recommended for a certain stage we will keep that icon, if not it will not be visible.

And on the post I will give you all the highlights and recommendations for each specific case.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

The power of Family

IL VIAGGIO TRAVEL is owned and managed by Zuñiga Sheehy family.

We are a local ground operator that specializes on the creation of tailor made packages all around the country.

Each service, supplier we recommend on our itineraries are meticulously researched and inspected. All of our site inspections of hotels, tours, restaurants and other services around Costa Rica are checked as a family.

Due to this we have become Costa Rica experts for Family Trips.

The main idea of this blog is to share with all of you this experience and become part of your amazing family adventures. Each week we will post ideas, locations, recommendations, tips...

Lets share together the power of Family!!!!