Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How we recommend

Today I want to give you the standards we will use to categorize the services.

First I have created our Family Friendly logo. This symbol will be given to those suppliers, hotels, tours, destinations, restaurants... who have been verified to be part of this process. It also represents that they can be part of the power of family traveling together in Costa Rica.

Secondly we will use 4 images that represent the different stages of a growing child. This way when we recommend a property you will know if its a good location for your family.

Baby : 0 to 18 months
Toddler : 19 months to 4 years old
Kid : 5 years to 11 years old
Teenager : 12 to 18 years old

When the property is recommended for a certain stage we will keep that icon, if not it will not be visible.

And on the post I will give you all the highlights and recommendations for each specific case.