Friday, April 15, 2016

La Fortuna - Arenal Volcano: perfect place for an exciting adventure

Last weekend I visited La Fortuna, a small city located in San Carlos, Alajuela.

The town is an entrance point for the main road connecting the Arenal National Park, Arenal Lake, Monteverde and the road towards Guanacaste. When I arrived, my first impression was really great. The view from La Fortuna to the volcano Arenal is stunning.

You can enjoy good food in one of the nice restaurants along the main road while having this great view. Almost everything can be done by
foot in La Fortuna, because the distances are very short and flat. In the evening you will find a lot of families sitting in the Central Park (“parque central”) enjoying the time together.

The next day I joined a guided tour named “Two Volcano Tour”. After a 20 minute drive to the starting point, we were hiking up the little volcano  called “Cerro Chato” that is located next to the volcano Arenal. It took us about 4 hours and to be honest, sometimes it is a bit rough. But still, if your children are 12 or older it is definitely worth it because it offers a great view from the top. To refresh ourselves, we could take a nice bath in the Lagoon that is located in the middle of “Cerro Chato”. The lagoon is the old crater of the volcano that because it has been exctint for so long its now full of refreshing water.
When we continued our walk, we were able to see interesting birds and hear the loud sound of some monkeys. Suddenly,
we arrived at a wonderful waterfall – next stop for having a great bath - 

Last but not least we visited one of the famous natural hot springs in La Fortuna. This is one of the things you definitely have to do when you are here. It is also a perfect chance to relax from the hike.

All in all, the whole day was a fun-filled adventure.

If you have younger children or want to join a less adventorous tour there are more easy tours and plenty of other activities you can do like: walk at the arenal national park instead of cerro chato, or do a horseback riding to la fortuna waterfall, a safari river float tour or white waterrafting, canopy tours and much, much more..

So, I can only say: 

Pack your bags and enjoy your family adventure in La Fortuna with IL VIAGGIO TRAVEL!!