Monday, May 9, 2016

Wetlands Experience

This amazing location is a great Family Spot for all ages (from 12 and up). It shows kids a new perspective of wildlife. Its an experience of unique sensations, climate, adventures, everything here will be different. Even better if we leave tecnology back home!

This incredible place is called Rancho Humo Estancia and is located on the Nicoya Peninsula of Guanacaste.

The Rancho Humo Estancia is a combination of an eco boutique hotel, a ranch, that is run by local people, a native wetlands reserve, the Tempisque River and the Palo Verde National Park. In total, Rancho Humo is about 1,100 hectares.

The hotel itself is a perfect place to calm down and just enjoy the nature. Almost every room offers a great view over the wide nature reserve and the exclusive furniture let you have a comfortable and relaxing time. If you want to refresh yourself from the warm weather in Guanacaste, there is also a nice pool located on a big terrace.

Due to its corporation with the Costa Rican gastronomical institute Chateau1525 from San Jose every dish was a total delight. Chefs from the cooking corporation prepared gourmet dishes based on the rich and exotic local gastronomy of Guanacaste. You will dine in casual elegance with very personalized service. By the way, all meals during your stay in Rancho Humo hotel are included.

On the second day we started exploring the whole Estancia. The program started with a visit of the cows that live right next to the hotel on the ranch, which is run by local people from Guanacaste. As you can see, Rancho Humo is very interested in supporting the communities from the surroundings and making you part of it. During the visit we were able to experience their everyday lives by milking the cows by ourselves. We were Sabaneros for the day!

The second tour we did was a river boat tour on the Tempisque river which started with an adventurous drive on safari vehicles. During the boat tour we were able to explore the amazing ecosystem with its crocodiles, iguanas, monkeys and various types of birds. Due to the local guides, we could watch animals that we would have never found without them.

In the afternoon, we did a horseback riding tour. During this tour, we could enjoy the wonderful and wide views over the land with its very special combination of colours. The dry yellow/brown grounds and the green mountains in the backgrounds matches on a very unique way.
On the last day, we did explore the beautiful wetlands by driving through with the safari vehicles. These wetlands offers a paradise for birdwatchers. Lots of different species that you can spot in their natural habitats. If you are lucky, you can even find a JabirĂș.

All in all, the trip to the Rancho Humo Estancia is a really big pleasure. Its the perfect place to connect yourself to the surrounding nature and calm down for a few days.

Other optional tours in the area are visit Palo Verde National Park, a coffee plantation, the mountain nature reserve to see orchids, turtle nesting tour (seasonal), cultural tour to the colonial city of Nicoya, and much more...
As you can see, Guanacaste offers a lot of unique experiences!

So why not exploring this area by having a great stay at Rancho Humo Hotel and be supported by IL VIAGGIO TRAVEL as your local ground operator here in Costa Rica!!!!