Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A worry-free destination

Costa Rica a unique worry-free destination

Our beautiful democratic country has been stable and peaceful since 1948. Since then, the money which had been allocated to the military (like many other countries in the world still do) was moved to improve education, health and the conservation of natural resources. In Costa Rica health and education is free and mandatory for everyone. Which means we are a very healthy country with very educated citizens. This amazing factors makes us an ideal family destination.

There are various reasons why we say Costa Rica is Unique
Let me give you three examples:

1/ Costa Rica is a small territory which encompasses only 0.03% of the planets surface but is one of the top 20 richest countries in biodiversity.
At IL VIAGGIO TRAVEL we believe that this amazing fact will enrich the whole family by learning, exploring and taking part on a sustainable responsible way. For example by visiting the turtle nesting, whale and dolphin watching, viewing the scarlet macaw in its natural environment... and much more.

2/ Rich Culture
Our travelers can be part of the traditions by visiting and doing workshops for example at the oxcart factory (national symbol) or at the house of a local artisan of the famous "mascaradas" or by being part of our indigenous legacy.
And if you visit during a certain festivity we will take you there.

3/ 25% of the territory is National Parks
Costa Rica has been a world leader in conservation policies where a wide variety of ecosystems like volcanoes, rainforests, cloud forest, wetlands and marine areas are protected. 
To support this outstanding effort we recommend you visit them. And an important factor is that the distance between one to the other can be as short as a 2hour drive. Let our experts show you the best way your family can interact and be part of this unique experience.

Based on this and many other reasons why Costa Rica is the best Family Destination at IL VIAGGIO TRAVEL we have designed specialized organized tours. This programs can be bought as organized trips or as examples to create your own journeys with the help of our experts.

With us you will be able to explore all the wonders of one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world.